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Our Staff


  • Deputy Director

    Public Policy Institute

    Kari is the Institute's Deputy Director. Kari began her career at Community Advocates as an intern while obtaining her Bachelor’s Degree in social work from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. As an intern, she spent time in the housing, utility, protective payee and health departments, which has provided her with a broad foundation of knowledge to work on social issues affecting people living in poverty.

    Kari was hired to serve as a case manager for the disability department after completing her internship and graduating. Through several advancements, Kari joined the Institute in the position of Prevention Services Manager and was promoted to Deputy Director in June 2015.

    Kari has always had an interest in learning and furthering her education, and recently received her Master’s Degree in Public and Nonprofit Administration from Metropolitan State University in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Kari also serves on the board of the Wisconsin Coalition to End Homelessness, a statewide organization dedicated to advocating for homeless programming in Wisconsin.

  • Senior Fellow

    Public Policy Institute

    David has been active for many years in reshaping Wisconsin and U.S. policies on welfare, poverty, health care and education. He was chosen in 2010 to serve as a member of the Wisconsin Legislative Council Special Committee on Health Care Reform Implementation, as well as the National Academy of Social Insurance (NASI) Study Panel on Health Insurance Exchanges.

    David is the author of “The Prisoners of Welfare” and numerous articles on poverty, health care reform and public administration. He is one of the co-founders of The New Hope Project. David served from 2004-07 as Director of the Wisconsin Health Project, which sought to lower the number of Wisconsin’s uninsured and control health care costs. The project was responsible for developing bipartisan legislation to provide all of the state’s residents with affordable health insurance and lower the growth of health care costs.

    David worked as an Atlantic Fellow in Public Policy in London and Oxford, England, in 2002; his research focused on supplementing low-income workers’ earnings through the tax system. During 2003, David served as Budget Director for Wisconsin Governor Jim Doyle. His primary responsibility was to help solve the state’s projected $3.2 billion biennial budget deficit. The resulting balanced budget preserved vital services without raising taxes. In 2004, David campaigned for Milwaukee County Executive.

    From 1988-2001, David held several high-level jobs for the City of Milwaukee, including Budget Director, Administration Director and Chief of Staff for Mayor John O. Norquist. For most of this period, he was responsible for overseeing the central fiscal, purchasing, IT and intergovernmental functions of the city government.

    From 1975-88, David held several positions in government and the private sector. He was legal advisor to Wisconsin Governor Patrick Lucey, served as legal counsel to Senator Edward Kennedy’s Subcommittee on Health and Scientific Research, worked as a health policy analyst for the Wisconsin Legislative Fiscal Bureau, prepared a report on Wisconsin’s uninsured for the state Department of Health and Social Services, and worked on health care cost containment issues for Time Insurance Company.

    David received an AB degree from Harvard College in History and Literature (1970) and a law degree from Harvard Law School (1975).

  • Research and Program Coordinator, Effective ACA Implementation Project and Healthy Housing Initiative
    Public Policy Institute

    Mike is the Research and Program Coordinator for the Community Advocates Public Policy Institute. He specializes in policy research and advocacy on housing, health care, disability, and energy assistance, and is an expert on the intersection of policy with politics and the legislative process. Mike is also an expert on the Affordable Care Act.

    At the Institute, Mike was Coordinator of the Project for Health Insurance Exchange Education (PHIXE), a Program Evaluator of the Milwaukee Brighter Futures Initiative, and has assisted with the Working Our Way Out of Poverty Project, Healthy Workers Healthy Wisconsin, the Milwaukee County Substance Abuse Prevention Coalition, and the Milwaukee Tobacco Prevention and Control Program.

    Mike has an extensive grassroots politics and government service background, having worked and consulted for political campaigns at every level of government. He also served as a longtime aide to former U.S. Senator Russ Feingold in his Washington, D.C., office, and as the Research Director for his 2010 campaign.

    Mike holds an MA in Political Science from American University, where he was President of the Graduate Student Council. He is a small business owner, a former alderman, and current public servant in the City of Verona, Wisconsin. He has been a longtime volunteer for Special Olympics and other disability organizations, and currently serves on the Advisory Board of HealthWatch Wisconsin, and is the Emeritus Chapter Director of New Leaders Council-Wisconsin and Emeritus Chair of the New Leaders Council’s National Programs Committee.

  • Contract Monitoring Coordinator
    Community Advocates Public Policy Institute

    Sonia’s career in business and devotion to public service make her well-suited to serve as the organization’s Contract Monitoring Coordinator, where she reviews and supports youth-serving agencies funded through Stay Strong Milwaukee and the Brighter Futures Initiative. Her career in international business required her to engage with teams throughout the world and develop a cross-cultural mindset and intercultural communications skills. Sonia earned her MBA in Nonprofit Management and Leadership and BS in International Business at Concordia University, and has volunteered at Catholic Charities and Horizon Home Care & Hospice, as well as interned at Sojourner Family Peace Center. She is fluent in English and Spanish.

  • Housing Strategy Director
    Public Policy Institute

    Deborah is excited to join PPI’s Healthy Housing Initiative as the Housing Strategy Director in 2020, a role that blends her past experiences with her passion to fully launch the project and advance housing policy. In 2017, Deborah worked with her colleagues and leadership to develop the Healthy Housing Initiative designed to influence policy to increase housing affordability, quality, and stability.

    Community Advocates and its mission have been near and dear to Deborah’s heart for the past 20 years and counting. After graduating from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Educational Policy and Community Studies in 2001, she coordinated a teen pregnancy prevention program at a Milwaukee-based youth and family services nonprofit that was funded by Community Advocates through the Milwaukee Brighter Futures Initiative. In that role, she became acquainted with Community Advocates and its founder, Ramon Wagner, and in turn, the spirit of true community collaboration and how it could impact a social issue.

    Deborah worked alongside Community Advocates in other capacities, including through her work as Associate Director of Evaluation Systems at the Center for Self-Sufficiency from 2012-2015. In that position, Deborah had the opportunity to work as the Evaluation Liaison for the PPI-housed Milwaukee Brighter Futures Initiative.

    Deborah began her employment with the Public Policy Institute in 2015 as Coordinator of the City of Milwaukee Tobacco-Free Alliance. Through education and community mobilization, Deborah led a coalition of more than 25 community partners to combat health disparities, raise awareness of the tobacco industry’s marketing tactics, and implement policy interventions to decrease tobacco use. Moving into the Grants Manager position in 2016, Deborah advanced PPI’s mission by creating sustainability and supporting future growth, proudly working with the team to secure nearly $2 million in new grant awards.

  • Office Assistant
    Public Policy Institute

    Martha joined PPI as Office Assistant in Autumn 2020, after earning her degree in Business Administration-Marketing from UW-Milwaukee. Previously, Martha interned at Bader Philanthropies for a year, where she assisted with event logistics, administrative tasks, and volunteered with the community in helping facilitate weekly Covid-19 testing. During her internship, she grew to be passionate about nonprofit work while learning ways that she could effectively impact and give back to communities in Milwaukee. “I am excited and eager to learn more about prevention within our community and to be involved with social media, event planning and prevention learning with Community Advocates.“

  • Youth Coordinator
    53206 Drug-Free Communities Project

    Tamika Glenn has over 25 years of experience working with children, teenagers, and young adults in the 53206 zip code through her service with Wisconsin Community Services, COA Youth and Family Centers, and the Boys and Girls Clubs of Greater Milwaukee. She also served the inner city as a Lead and Asthma Abatement Specialist for the City of Milwaukee Health Department, and Children Hospital in conjunction with the Dominican Center for Women. In addition, Tamika is a youth and men’s basketball coach at all levels. As part of the City of Milwaukee Midnight Night League she won the City Championship and Coach of the year (2018-19), the first woman to win a championship. Her new organization is G.L.O.W. Up (God Leads Our Worth), which will be working with young men ages 16 to 25 years old to let them know they have worth and to encourage them to believe in their dreams. In 2008, her special on lead and asthma was featured on PBS, and in October 2015 she was featured on the Steve Harvey Show with the youth she served.

  • Coordinator
    Strategic Prevention Framework-Partnerships for Success

    Kira joins the Public Policy Institute as the Strategic Prevention Framework-Partnership for Success Coordinator after graduating from the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse with a Bachelor of Science degree in Public Health and Community Health Education. While undergoing her degree, and after completion, Kira worked in Madison with Community Action Coalition for South Central Wisconsin. She worked under the Executive Director while completing her preceptorship, then transitioned into the role of Crisis Counselor helping the community navigate the pandemic and its stressors. During these roles, Kira planned and implemented a free clothing giveaway event and vaccination pop up events. Kira has a passion for prevention and is overjoyed to use this passion in her work with PPI.

  • Grants & Communications Manager
    Public Policy Institute

    Lisa is responsible for communicating the work of Community Advocates and the Public Policy Institute. Previously, Lisa covered local and national politics as the assistant editor of the Shepherd Express, Milwaukee’s largest independent newspaper. Her reporting on Milwaukee County’s mental health services and policy earned her awards in 2016 from Mental Health America-Wisconsin and the Wisconsin Federation of Nurses and Health Professionals. After earning her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Lisa spent a decade in New York working in book publishing and e-commerce. She published three novels as well as three nonfiction books about shy people: Shyness: A Bold New Approach, The Shyness Breakthrough, and Shyness: The Ultimate Teen Guide.

  • Senior Policy Advocate
    Public Policy Institute

    Julie Kerksick is Community Advocates Public Policy Institute’s Senior Policy Advocate. She advocates for policies that can reduce poverty, reduce violence, and improve health.

    Throughout her career, Julie has worked to influence programs and policies at the state and national levels by presenting solid information and evidence to policymakers, reflecting the experiences of those directly affected by poverty and policies intended to alleviate it, and sharing the lessons learned in implementing public policy. As former Executive Director of the New Hope Project in Milwaukee, Julie has hands-on experience with both transitional jobs and Earned Income Tax Credit reform. As part of Julie’s work at New Hope, she played a key role in persuading state and federal policy-makers of both parties to support the program and incorporate some parts of it into state law.

    In two previous positions—as Administrator of the Division of Family and Economic Security in Wisconsin’s Department of Children and Families, and as Director of the Office of Economic Security in Colorado’s Department of Human Services—Julie administered economic assistance programs, including TANF, Food Assistance, Refugee Programs, and Child Support. In her state positions, she organized the implementation (in Wisconsin) and adoption (in Colorado) of transitional jobs programs that, taken together, allocated more than $40 million to provide thousands of unemployed adults access to wage-paying jobs. She is a graduate of Saint Louis University.

  • Coordinator
    Milwaukee County Substance Abuse Prevention Coalition

    Alexandria Kohn is the Milwaukee County Substance Abuse Prevention Coalition Coordinator. Alexandria started her work with PPI as an intern working with Anneke Mohr in the summer of 2020 for the City of Milwaukee Tobacco-Free Alliance. Prior to that internship, she worked in substance abuse prevention at Community Medical Services, a substance abuse treatment facility in West Allis. She is currently completing her Master of Public Health Degree with a focus on Community Behavioral Health at UW-Milwaukee. Her previous work includes working with incarcerated youth through a CDC summer fellowship, with student health promotions as a student at Beloit College, and on community-based media, producing a podcast and documentary with community-based groups in Portland, Oregon. She obtained her undergraduate degree in Health and Society at Beloit College.

  • Coordinator
    City of Milwaukee Tobacco-Free Alliance

    Charlie joins the City of Milwaukee Tobacco-Free Alliance with expertise in sustainability, organizational dynamics, and service. Charlie earned their Bachelor of Arts in Sustainability Urban Dynamics from Arizona State University as well as a Sustainability and Innovation Fellowship from Starbucks Coffee Company, where they launched and managed teams and sites throughout Milwaukee. Charlie joined the Alliance’s LGBT Work Group in 2019 and also served as Health and Wellness Coordinator for Pridefest, so they are launching their career at Community Advocates Public Policy Institute with a thorough understanding of the Alliance’s mission, partnerships, and goals.

  • Coordinator
    Alliance for Wisconsin Youth Southeast Region

    Hannah joined the Public Policy Institute as Coordinator of the Southeast Region of the Alliance for Wisconsin Youth after assisting job-seekers with obtaining job skills and employment through Community Advocates’ FSET program. She earned her bachelor’s in Criminal Justice from University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and completed an internship with the Milwaukee County District Attorney’s Office as a Victim/Witness Advocate.

  • Training Coordinator
    Public Policy Institute

    Rita Liesiefsky has built a long career in the training field. She has worked as an Implementation Consultant and Trainer for a health care software company, a Technical Trainer for an education company, and a Training Manager for an umbrella service agency. She has led seminars on diversity, stress management, and personality and supervisory traits and its effect on association morale. Rita has developed assertiveness interactive trainings (with homework!), among other targeted and just-in-time trainings. She is especially proud of her Women-In-Leadership two-day workshop delivered to women’s auxiliary organizations.

    In addition, Rita has served as a Disaster Director on over 10 national operations, and as Human Services Disaster Director on seven national operations, and as the American Red Cross Wisconsin Field Service Manager.

    Rita has always been passionate about the “aha” moments of training and uses two quotes as life guides: “Intellectual growth should commence at birth and cease only at death” (Albert Einstein) and “It’s never too late to have a happy childhood” (attributed to many).

  • Prevention Manager
    Community Advocates Public Policy Institute

    Africa Lucas is the Manager of the Prevention Team at Community Advocates Public Policy Institute. Lucas earned a Bachelor of Science and Masters of Social Work from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee in Mental Health and Behavioral Health, and also holds a Trauma-Informed Care Certificate and is a Substance Abuse Counselor in Training. She specialized in the Youth-Oriented Substance Abuse and Trauma Program (YOSAT) offered by UW-Milwaukee’s Helen Bader School of Social Welfare. She has built a long career in youth violence and domestic violence prevention, substance abuse counseling, and serving those in long-term care community-based settings. She has extensive experience serving the community at Milwaukee Women’s Center, Sojourner Family Peace Center, Running Rebels Community Organization, and Matt Talbot Recovery Services.

  • Mental Health Wellness Coordinator

    Community Advocates Public Policy Institute

    Gloria began her career in public health in Baltimore, where she focused on violence prevention and substance use intervention. Most recently, she served as Program Coordinator of the Supporting Male Survivors of Violence grant at the Baltimore City Health Department. In that capacity, she facilitated community events, including weekly S.E.L.F. Community Conversations with young males of color and their families and the Summer Youth Engagement Program for young men of color. Gloria also served as a Trauma Programs Intern in Baltimore’s Office of Violence Prevention and as a Substance Use Programming and Educational Resources Peer Educator at the University of Maryland Health Center. She earned her Bachelor of Science in Community Health, Special Populations, from the University of Maryland. She and her husband currently serve as the youth leaders in their local church and in her spare time, you can find Gloria admiring the natural beauty that this world has to offer!

  • Economic Policy Analyst
    Public Policy Institute

    Conor co-leads the “Healthy Workers, Healthy Wisconsin” project. Funded by UW School of Medicine and Public Health, Wisconsin Partnership Program, this five-year project seeks to combine entry-level employment and training with trauma and health services to improve economic and health outcomes for people previously disconnected from the formal economy. Conor works closely with our academic partners, UWM, along with Covering Wisconsin and a network of health service partners and a network of training and employment partners.

    Conor helps to facilitate the Milwaukee Transitional Jobs Collaborative, which advocates for more resources for subsidized employment and seeks to ensure that these resources are wisely used. Transitional Jobs are short-term subsidized jobs that are effective in transitioning people who are isolated from economic opportunity into work.

    Conor facilitates the Milwaukee Reentry Council, a sub-committee of the Milwaukee Community Justice Council, which works to improve reentry outcomes and reduce incarceration by broadening and deepening community engagement in reentry. He helps lead Circles of Support, restorative practice circles that create community between the once incarcerated and the never incarcerated.

    He is a graduate of University College Dublin with an honors degree in Economics. He started work doing economic modeling at the Department of Transport in Sydney, Australia, followed by a number of years as an economic analyst for an aircraft leasing company in Shannon, Ireland. Subsequently Conor worked as an economic policy analyst for the Department of Commerce and Industry, Gaborone, Botswana, facilitated through the Irish government. He founded and managed a family-owned granite fabrication business, Stone Dimensions, in Pewaukee for 20 years prior to joining Community Advocates. He works on projects and policies aimed at lifting people out of poverty based upon work. He is active in MICAH (Milwaukee Inner-city Congregations Allied for Hope), sits on the board of Community Warehouse and on the Community Advisory Board of the Zilber School of Public Health, UWM.


  • Tracy Johnson has more than 25 years of experience working closely with nonprofits, small businesses and communities in helping them with community organizing, environmental strategies, strategic planning, Substance Abuse Prevention, Coalition Building, cultural diversity and effective programming. He has led projects focused on working with states and communities on effective substance abuse prevention strategies. As Substance Abuse Mental Health Services Administration’s (SAMHSA) Regional Director of Training and Technical Assistance, he was responsible for providing ten states and seven Native American territories with substance abuse prevention support. He has extensive knowledge of SAMHSA's Strategic Prevention Framework process and Strategic Initiatives. Mr. Johnson is the Managing Partner and Director of Training and Technical Assistance for SheRay’s & Associates, LLC in Los Angeles. He also works with various federal, state and local agencies and corporations in developing comprehensive integrated prevention services to economically disadvantaged and African American children and families. He is or has been a lead facilitator/trainer in several urban communities in developing comprehensive community plans. He holds a Bachelor degree in Public Administration from Northern Illinois University.