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Question, Persuade, Refer Gatekeeper Training

Known as QPR for short, Question, Persuade, Refer is offering hope through positive action when facing situations that could entail the possibility of suicide.

QPR is an intervention tool and not a form of counseling or treatment. Instead, QPR-trained gatekeepers learn how to be receptive to certain warning signs, intervention measures and follow-up methods when dealing with potentially suicidal peers. The ultimate goal is to refer the person being helped to the correct professional care.

While the wide-ranging benefits of utilizing this training are clear, PPI offers this session for those who are most likely to be in a position to best utilize QPR training, including:

  • Law enforcement officials
  • Educators
  • Health professionals
  • Religious leaders
  • Medical/Substance Abuse Treatment providers
  • Human Services professionals 

QPR uses data-driven credentials and studies that highlight their methods to best tackle this often preventable issue.

This training is presented with Prevent Suicide Greater Milwaukee.

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