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Substance Abuse and Trauma

During this evidence-based training, substance abuse prevention specialists, youth workers, community advocates, and AODA counselors explore national, statewide, and local data on trauma and substance abuse. 

Topics include:

  • A deeper understanding of substance use disorder and childhood trauma
  • The prevalence of trauma in Milwaukee
  • Creating and honoring compassion, intimacy, self-care, and wellness
  • Strategies to best create the change you want to see

This training is highly interactive and designed to appeal to all learning styles. After discussing the basic principles of substance use disorder, trauma, and risk and protective factors, participants break into small groups to analyze a case study of a young person at risk. They then use a step-by-step technique to identify and develop interventions to address that individual’s core issues at a personal and community-wide level. They also learn the importance of prevention and self-care as healers and as trauma survivors.

Overall, participants leave with a greater understanding of the prevention, impact, and resolution of substance abuse and its connection to trauma.

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