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The Public Policy Institute believes that members of our community should be empowered to make informed decisions so that we can prevent small problems from turning into traumatic crises. That’s why have developed a niche in Southeastern Wisconsin as a training resource for community members, human services providers, and coalition members who want to take their skills and awareness to the next level.

Our certified trainers provide unique, interactive, and enlightening learning opportunities on mental health, substance use, trauma, and suicide prevention so that participants can become advocates for themselves and their family members, as well as in the workplace, in schools, and in community settings.

Our Training Opportunities

Our evidence-based, trauma-responsive learning opportunities include:

We provide training opportunities virtually, in the community, and in partnership with allied organizations.

We are grateful for the support of SAMHSA and Wisconsin Department of Health Services Division of Care and Treatment Services to enable us to provide mental health and wellness workshops throughout Milwaukee County.

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Download Community Advocates' Milwaukee County Mental Health & Wellness Resource Guide at this link.

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