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Community Advocates' leadership created the Public Policy Institute in 2008 to address the root causes of poverty through policy advocacy and community collaboration on economic and public health issues.


  • To keep our community partners up to date on the rapidly evolving coronavirus public health emergency, we've collected resources on its health, mental heath, and economic impact.

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To honor World Mental Health Day, Light & Unite RED Week, and Substance Abuse Prevention Month, a range of Milwaukee youth-serving organizations, advocates, and coalitions joined together on October 10 to present two virtual youth summits to engage and uplift our community’s young people.

Presentation slides from September 17 virtual Assembly District 8 candidate forum.

Tobacco, COVID-19, and substance abuse were the topics of a recent online forum hosted by the Hispanic Tobacco Prevention Network (HTPN) and the City of Milwaukee Tobacco-Free Alliance with public health experts and candidates for Wisconsin Assembly District 8.