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Community Advocates' leadership created the Public Policy Institute in 2008 to address the root causes of poverty through policy advocacy and community collaboration on economic and public health issues.


  • To keep our community partners up to date on the rapidly evolving coronavirus public health emergency, we've collected resources on its health, mental heath, and economic impact.

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“Senator Baldwin has crafted two bills that would provide immediate relief to employers and out-of-work individuals impacted by the coronavirus epidemic, while also setting the foundation for a long-term solution to persistent racial and ethnic disparities in employment and generational poverty,” said Julie Kerksick, Senior Policy Advocate at Community Advocates Public Policy Institute.

Two issues that are top of mind right now -- the COVID-19 pandemic and the Black Lives Matter movement -- shed light on how racism is a public health issue since both the coronavirus and police brutality disproportionately affect the health and safety of communities of color.

We’re living through remarkable times and current events are affecting each of us in different ways. Our Prevention Team has collected resources, songs, videos, and quotes to help our community members deepen their understanding of race in America, being a white ally, and “soothing the soul.”