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Community Advocates' leadership created the Public Policy Institute in 2008 to address the root causes of poverty through policy advocacy and community collaboration on economic and public health issues.


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On February 7, the Milwaukee Common Council unanimously voted to enact a six-month moratorium on new vape shops opening as the city explores long-term solutions to address the issue. The moratorium is a big win in protecting the youth of our city from overexposure to harmful products.

February is Black History Month, when we raise awareness of and appreciate the myriad accomplishments and experiences of African Americans. This year’s theme is “Black Resistance.”

On October 13, the Milwaukee Teen Pregnancy Prevention Network (MTPPN) hosted its much-loved 14th annual Family Unity Night (FUN), a gathering for parents, caregivers, and kids to recognize the importance of sitting down for a shared family meal and enjoying each other’s company during “Let’s Talk Month.”