Brighter Futures Sub Grantee Agencies

The following organizations were selected in a competitive process in 2015 to receive up to three years of funding by the Public Policy Institute at Community Advocates, with funds originating with the state of Wisconsin's Brighter Futures Initiative. Click on each organization's name to be directed to their websites.

Walker's Point Youth and Family Center

Walker’s Point Youth and Family Center, with The Parenting Network as equal partner, delivers parenting education and support for Milwaukee families to address child abuse and neglect prevention using the Nurturing Program for parents with their adolescents ages 11-17 years old and the Positive Parenting Program, targeting parents of youth ages 12-16 years old.

SET Ministry

SET Ministry expands its classroom-based PEACE Program to include middle school youth and their teachers.  Youth demonstrate improved self-control, emotional regulation, group cohesion and reduced problematic behaviors in the classroom and at home.  Teachers integrate the trauma-informed principles of PEACE to create a safe learning environment in the classroom.

The Parenting Network

The Parenting Network uses a tiered approach to provide both universal pregnancy prevention education and selective AODA prevention education.  The Promoting Health Among Teens curriculum is provided to middle and high school aged youth.  Parents of youth participants are invited to a workshop called Sex Talk As Real Talk (START) on how to talk about sexual health with their adolescents.  Selective AODA prevention education will be provided to families, including participants in the pregnancy prevention education programs as well as those identified through Milwaukee County Court and Child Welfare, using the Strengthening Families Program 10-14.

The Milwaukee Christian Center

The Young Professionals Academy reduces delinquent behavior and violence among youth while preparing participants to succeed in both the community and workforce.  The Academy is part of the Violence-Free Zone Program that targets the most difficult-to-reach youth in some of the most challenged schools in MPS: Bay View, Bradley Tech, James Madison, Pulaski and South Division, and develops peaceful, employed and civically-engaged young people.

Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Milwaukee

Youth Works MKE 2.0 reduces youth violence and justice system involvement for participants.  The program provides teen men with a unique blend of social and emotional learning, career development, subsidized employment and mentoring activities to increase employment skills, self-management and responsible decision-making, while preventing participation in criminal and delinquent activities.

Neu-Life Community Development

The Student Advocate Program is an all-hands-on-deck approach to making sure the teens we serve are successful in making life choices that will lead them to self-sufficiency.  The program is preventive case management that gives teens the one-on-one support they need to avoid becoming involved in the juvenile justice program or out-of-home care systems.  Individual goals are set that that outline programs and needs of each teen.  Each teen will receive 4-8 hours per week of programs and services.

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Metro Milwaukee

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Metro Milwaukee’s (BBBS) serves Milwaukee County youth through high-impact, professionally-supported one-to-one mentoring relationships.  BBBS initiated the first cohort of the mentor2.0 program for high school students, which matches youth with mentors and opportunities to explore their preferences, goals and dreams after school.

Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin Community Services

Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin Community Services expands the home visiting component of the Milwaukee Start Right program, and introduces Girls Circle support groups to teen girls in Milwaukee County.  Through the home visiting services, we serve youth who are pregnant or parenting a child up to age one to prevent incidences of child abuse and neglect through one-on-one in-home services and the Nurturing Program curriculum.  The support groups improve social/interpersonal skills and decision-making among support group participants.

The Foundation for Adolescent Well-Being project at Children's Hospital of Wisconsin Community Services begins with an assessment for adolescents coming into the child welfare system, as well as for adolescents that have been in care before this project started. Specially-trained clinicians provide the evidence-based Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy that research shows can resolve a broad array of emotional and behavioral challenges associated with complex trauma experiences.


Pathfinders provides effective interventions that reduce the effects of trauma on youth to improve each young person’s vocational readiness and increase their demonstrated level of self-sufficiency.  Using evidence-based and evidence-informed approaches, this project reduces trauma-related stress, increases coping mechanisms, reduces the risk of sexual exploitation, reduces dependence on street economies, increases engagement in continuing education and employment, increases housing stability and increases mental health.

Employ Milwaukee

The Career Plus program assists youth in achieving their educational and employment goals while avoiding negative outcomes such as delinquency. The Career Plus program design is heavily influenced by the groundbreaking success of Chicago’s One Summer Plus program, which combines the elements of subsidized youth employment, culturally competent group mentoring, and social-emotional learning. Students work with a Career Coordinator to create a personalized plan for a successful future while receiving supportive services and enrichment activities. Career Plus includes linkages with work experience, job readiness training, essential skills training, social-emotional learning, group mentoring, financial literacy, and post-secondary education placement.

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