Policy Projects

The Public Policy Institute develops and advocates for nonpartisan policy options and legislation in order to persuade policy makers from both sides of the aisle to create public policies that directly help people in poverty to lead better lives.

We collaborate with individuals and organizations at local, statewide, and national levels, including the Urban Institute and the Children’s Defense Fund. We build on a track record of past success.

Our approach includes constant monitoring and consideration of the policies and issues affecting poverty, health care, housing, criminal justice, job creation, education, and prevention initiatives to ensure both the safety and success of the low-income communities in Milwaukee, throughout Wisconsin, and nationally.

Our core work analyzing and advocating for policy changes takes place through the following programs:

Working Our Way Out of Poverty tests and promotes policies that make jobs available, make work pay, and reduce obstacles for work- a five part policy package would lower U.S. poverty by 50%.


The Effective ACA Implementation Project uses policy analysis and advocacy, seeking to harness the Affordable Care Act's potential to expand health coverage and improve public health.

Our Transitional Jobs Project works to create transitional jobs: wage-paying jobs that allow low-income, unemployed men and women to do useful work and support themselves and their families.


The Conversations with Policy Leaders speaker series is a regular convening of policymakers, community leaders and others. Please sign up here if you'd like to receive event invitations.


City of Milwaukee Tobacco-Free Alliance

The City of Milwaukee Tobacco-Free Alliance works to implement tobacco prevention and control policy interventions, including Wisconsin's Smoke-Free Law.

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Milwaukee County Substance Abuse Prevention Coalition

The Milwaukee County Substance Abuse Prevention Coalition reviews drug regulation policies, advocates for prescription drug drop boxes, and monitors marijuana-related policies nationwide.

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Minority Male Achievement Program

A component of the Minority Male Achievement Program involves aligning the program's implementation with the Institute's core public policy efforts.

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