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Milwaukee County Might See Small Dip In Overdose Deaths For 2018
December 31, 2018 | Ximena Conde | Milwaukee County Substance Abuse Prevention Coalition

"I think this didn't just happen overnight so there’s no silver bullet to change this issue. It's going to be continued years of work," said PPI Deputy Director Kari Lerch.


DCF Secretary Eloise Anderson Was Honored at the Transitional Jobs Celebration
December 15, 2018 | Nyesha Stone | Milwaukee Transitional Jobs Collaborative

To show how effective transitional jobs are, MTJC hosted A Celebration of Transitional Jobs, in which they honored Eloise Anderson, Secretary of the State Department of Children and Families.

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Efforts Underway To Reduce Adolescent Tobacco Use In Wisconsin
December 5, 2018 | Mitch Teich & Audrey Nowakowski | City of Milwaukee Tobacco-Free Alliance

"Studies have found that a lot of youth don't know that they contain nicotine. They actually contain a different formulation of nicotine — they use salts — so it affects the brain differently," explains Anneke Mohr.

| City of Milwaukee Tobacco-Free Alliance |

UW-Milwaukee Study Shows Tobacco Ads Target Minority Children
October 11, 2018 | Brandon Rook | City of Milwaukee Tobacco-Free Alliance

Tobacco ads aimed at Latino and African American children? A UW-Milwaukee researcher says it's a trend at corner stores and gas stations in certain zip codes.

| City of Milwaukee Tobacco-Free Alliance |

How Tobacco Companies Target Minorities
October 8, 2018 | Isiah Holmes | City of Milwaukee Tobacco-Free Alliance

If you live in predominantly African American or Latinx neighborhoods in Milwaukee, your children are far more likely to be targeted by tobacco companies trying to turn them into smokers.

| City of Milwaukee Tobacco-Free Alliance |

Circles of Support Targets North Siders Returning from Prison
October 1, 2018 | Grace Connaster | Smart Reentry

Circles of Support plans to work with anyone who has been released for at least 90 days. The circles will include two “circle keepers,” professionals who lead the circle, and community volunteers, some of whom are expected to be connected to outside

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'Pray Everything Gets Better': Neighbors Celebrate Decision Not to Renew Milwaukee Liquor Store's License
August 13, 2018 | Evan Peterson | 53206 Drug-Free Communities

"We know that liquor stores and convenience stores can be a force for good. We're just trying to promote responsibility and accountability," said 53206 DFC's John Eshun.


Re-Entry Expo: An Innovative Way to Support Former Inmates
May 18, 2018 | Maayan Silver | Smart Reentry

Getting out of prison and facing the world can be tough. Community, religious and government organizations try to fill in the gaps by offering help with job training and housing, or transportation and mental health counseling.

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Were You Beaten? Homeless? Program Tries to Identify, and Help, Job Seekers with Trauma
May 2, 2018 | John Schmid | Healthy Workers, Healthy Wisconsin

The Milwaukee pilot — dubbed Healthy Workers, Healthy Wisconsin — is in its second year under a five-year grant from the UW-Madison School of Medicine and Public Health.

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Roots of Segregation: Reggie Jackson and Richard Rothstein Share Insights at Special Event
April 30, 2018 | Milwaukee Independent Staff | Healthy Housing Initiative

To commemorate its first decade and outline the roadmap for the next ten years, Community Advocates Public Policy Institute hosted a special night at the Milwaukee Public Museum on April 26.

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'The Color of Law' Investigates the Government's Role in Segregating America
April 25, 2018 | Joy Powers | Healthy Housing Initiative

Richard Rothstein will be in Milwaukee to deliver the keynote speech at the 10-year-anniversary celebration for Community Advocates Public Policy Institute. Ahead of the event, he spoke with Lake Effect’s Joy Powers.

| Working Our Way Out of Poverty |

Work Requirements Are a Step in the Wrong Direction for Wisconsin
April 25, 2018 | Julie Kerksick | Working Our Way Out of Poverty

The package of Wisconsin bills that rushed from press conference to passage in a matter of weeks is the wrong direction.

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Trump Work Requirement Rewrites Health Care Rules for Poor in Wisconsin, Other States
January 11, 2018 | Ricardo Alonso-Zaldivar | Effective ACA Implementation

“If you’re not healthy, it’s difficult to work,” said Mike Bare, research director for Community Advocates’ Public Policy Institute in Milwaukee.

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