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Judge Orders State Youth Prison To Curtail Use Of Solitary Confinement, Pepper Spray, Shackles
June 23, 2017 | Ross Terrell and The Associated Press | Youth Justice Milwaukee

"It's dehumanizing," Jeff Roman said. "It doesn't work. We hope that we can lift up some of the research that says these practices don't work."

| Youth Justice Milwaukee |

Marcus Williams: Help Us, Don’t Incarcerate Us
June 16, 2017 | Marcus Williams | Youth Justice Milwaukee

"I was determined to become more than another statistic. Opportunities, like those provided by groups like Youth Justice Milwaukee and the Running Rebels, allow me and kids like me to move past their mistakes and build a better future."

| Youth Justice Milwaukee |

Wisconsin Submits Plan to Become First State to Drug Screen Some Medicaid Enrollees
June 7, 2017 | David Wahlberg | Effective ACA Implementation

"Wisconsin’s outlier health coverage system already has large affordability and coverage gaps, and this waiver will create even more," said Mike Bare of Community Advocates Public Policy Institute.

| Effective ACA Implementation Project |

PrideFest Milwaukee to Feature Smoke-Free Spaces
June 5, 2017 | Wisconsin Gazette | City of Milwaukee Tobacco-Free Alliance

“The LGBTQ community smokes at roughly twice the rate of the general public due to a variety of factors including bar culture, coping with discrimination, and industry targeting," said Anneke Mohr of the City of MKE Tobacco-Free A

| City of Milwaukee Tobacco-Free Alliance |

Violence Prevention Plan May Be a Step Backwards
June 3, 2017 | Dylan Deprey | Youth Justice Milwaukee

“The committee’s vote today is a slap in the face to the very communities these lawmakers were elected to represent and Rep. Gannon’s callous response demonstrates just how little he understands the issues facing our kids and our communities."

| Youth Justice Milwaukee |

Medicaid Changes Prompt Advocates to Speak Out
June 1, 2017 | Shamane Mills | Effective ACA Implementation

Advocates for the elderly, poor and disabled say big spending cuts and other changes proposed on the federal level for the Medicaid program are getting little attention, so they’re speaking out.

| Effective ACA Implementation Project |

Study: Poverty Rate In Wisconsin Reaches 9-Year Low
May 23, 2017 | Ross Terrell | Working Our Way Out of Poverty

Julie Kerksick, with the Public Policy Institute in Milwaukee, said the fight against poverty is ongoing, but said the figure is an encouraging trend.

| Working Our Way Out of Poverty |

Common Council Calls for Reducing Incarceration
May 19, 2017 | Jabril Faraj | Youth Justice Milwaukee

“We really need to start, just structurally, changing how we look at things, how we view things,” said Sharlen Moore, executive director of Urban Underground and a founding member of Youth Justice Milwaukee.

| Youth Justice Milwaukee |

Advocates Pass Along Lessons Learned at Conference on Closing Youth Prisons
April 28, 2017 | John Holland | Youth Justice Milwaukee

“It does help to hear people who are having success. In Milwaukee, we just don’t have the same kind of leadership fighting against youth incarceration that you see here,” Roman said.

| Youth Justice Milwaukee |

Youth Summit Steering Kids Away from Drugs
April 12, 2017 | Emily Rafalik | Milwaukee County Substance Abuse Prevention Coalition

Survivors of a potentially deadly addiction are delivering some sobering and hopefully live-saving advice to young people about drugs.


Photos: Drug Free Youth Summit
April 12, 2017 | Rick Wood, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel | Milwaukee County Substance Abuse Prevention Coalition

With heroin overdoses and marijuana use by youth at an all-time high, MCSAP and Neu-Life Development brought together more than 100 youth to provide them with positive messages and activities to educate and inspire them to stay away from drugs.


Campaign to Close Wisconsin Youth Prison Launches
March 23, 2017 | Ashley Luthern | Youth Justice Milwaukee

"We have traumatized our kids by locking them up in these old outdated and obsolete prisons," said Sharlen Moore, executive director of Urban Underground and a founding member of Youth Justice Milwaukee.

| Youth Justice Milwaukee |

At Wisconsin Juvenile Prisons, Children Face a Nightmare of Solitary Confinement and Abuse
February 22, 2017 | Valerie Kiebala | Youth Justice Milwaukee

At the Lincoln Hills School for Boys (LHS), a juvenile correctional facility in far northern Wisconsin, two entire buildings called the Krueger Unit and the Roosevelt Unit exist solely for the purpose of holding children in solitary confinement for 2

| Youth Justice Milwaukee |

Roman, Moore: Stop Sending Our Kids to Lincoln Hills
February 16, 2017 | Jeffery Roman | Youth Justice Milwaukee

When three-quarters of all children sent to youth prisons are back behind bars within three years of release or end up in the adult correctional system, the system is broken.

| Youth Justice Milwaukee |